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Curated MEN ARE ANIMALS, an art exhibition at 11:Eleven Gallery in Washington, DC (January 2024) featuring works by 12 contemporary LGBT artists from NYC, DC, and West Virginia.

PRESS – “Weekend Best Bets”

There’s no doubt that art can be sexy, but most galleries don’t come with an “adults only” warning. Not so for MEN ARE ANIMALS, a pop-up event taking place at 11:Eleven gallery this weekend that’s exclusively for viewers over the age of 18. Curator Joshua Cook selected a mix of queer DMV and national artists, some of whom he’s worked with at erotic art-making events. Though there’s plenty of work from a queer or sexual lens, the focus is on the theme of the exhibit’s title. If humans are mere animals, are they carnal or innocent, domesticated or wild, more in touch with the world or oblivious to it?

—Stephanie Rudig, Washington City Paper, Jan 11, 2024


Created MASS COLLAB MEDIA, which curates a monthly art-centric QUEER STUFF TO DO IN NYC list and produces events that have featured artists including Ryan Rudewicz (aka Rude Polaroids), Gio Black Peter, Chantis Parks, Austin Ruffer, Eva Mueller, Fwee Carter, and Nico and Nic Fernandez-Kiray. Brand partnerships with the New Society for Wellness and Soho Project Space. 50k+ follower universe in the creative arts in NYC and DC.

PRESS – “Meet Chantis Parks, the NYC-based gay photographer whose work celebrates queer joy & pleasure”

Chantis Parks has been honored as a featured artist at prestigious platforms such as MASS COLLAB MEDIA productions in New York City and Out’s sister publication The Advocate. “I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with individuals who recognize the importance of showcasing diversity in their events. People like Angel Adeyoha, the executive director on the board of the Folsom Street Organization, and Joshua Cook, who hosts monthly content creator gatherings in NYC and DC, have been instrumental in providing platforms for diverse representation.

—Nikki Aye,, Feb 23, 2024


Business Manager for burlesque performer, costumer, and producer Emily Shephard’s NYC production company Chimera Industries LLC with clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Soho House, and Fotografiska New York.

JOSHUA COOK, Founder/CEO – New York City, DC, and West Virginia. Professional background in business and economic development, sustainable food, and arts and entertainment ventures. Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.